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The biggest advantage of owning an RV is the ever-changing scenery. Enjoy the best views from the comfort of your home away from home. In fact, when nature is literally your backyard, it helps to add a few luxuries to make it even more appealing. Layer in outdoor area rugs to make your space a little more inviting and cozy. Set up camping tables and chairs for outdoor dining or gatherings around the campfire. By bringing the inside out, you’ll get the most of outdoor living without sacrificing the safety and convenience provided by your RV. Join your surroundings by complimenting the outside of your RV with party lights much like the stars accessorize the night sky. Illuminate your area with the subtle glow of string lights or make it as festive as you want with lights in fun colors and unique shapes. RV living has so much to offer, you can’t help but let it overflow into outdoor living as well.

Dent Master has been in business for over 20 Years and have been located at our South Salt Lake location for 12 years. We are a full collision auto body and paint shop that can handle your repairs from minor to major. We also do vehicle detailing and many other services. (see services list). Over the years we have been in business we have established a trusted relationship with our customers, the insurances companies and many auto dealerships and businesses throughout the community. We have done this by providing consistent high quality repairs, excellent customer service and quick repair times.

General RV is the premier RV dealership, with 13 Supercenters nationwide, an unparalleled inventory, and 500 fully-equipped service bays. Since 1962, our sustained growth has been fueled by our commitment to providing world-class experiences for our customers. While many things have changed throughout our history, the purpose of our company has always been to help customers make lifelong memories. We have stood beside our employees, customers, and partners for over 50 years – through good times and tough times. We’ve weathered every crisis, because we’ve invested in the long-term stability of our family-owned company. We look forward to serving future generations of the General RV family. Explore our history on the timeline below.