Outdoor Gear

At Your Leisure is a family oriented outdoor and travel show focused on the western United States. Our weekly itinerary includes both motorized and non-motorized destinations and activities, cool new product reviews and suggestions on how to get the most of a weekend or week in the west. At Your Leisure is celebrating its 18th season on the air. We are all driven by a love for not only the outdoors, but our jobs. We love bringing the adventure to you, and hopefully helping you get out there and create your own adventure!

Wheels and boards!! We’ve got your motion covered with Ebikes, Skate and longboards year round, with killer snowboards in the winter. One of Utah’s largest dealers for Aventon, Himiway, Yes, Now, Landyachtz and more!!


The Arctic Spas Promise

Our promise to you is that we are in this for the long term with you.  We believe in providing a product that is repairable, upgradeable, and will last longer that what you expect with the service after the delivery to match.  Most people who buy spas don’t have them 10 years later. 

Our goal is to make you a happy Arctic Spa customer for far longer.  We also believe in providing a hot tub that is specially designed for where we live.  Utah has a harsh climate with the heat of the summer to the cold of the winter.  You need a hot tub that is built for this climate.   

We don’t mess around with multiple brands or changing brands, we just focus on providing you the best Arctic Spa Experience possible.  We have been servicing hot tubs since 1989 and we look forward to helping you for years and years to come.